Review: Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia


5 stars by Gabrielle Sally!

Likes: The emotional pull that started at the very beginning and continued throughout the story was enthralling, frightening, frustrating, heart-breaking, uplifting…as Rosa Sophia takes you on an emotional roller coaster that won’t end until the very end.

What appeals to me with stories like Rosa Sophia’s is that anyone can persevere and succeed. Anyone can find love. Anyone can find their way from the darkness into the light.

OVER THE IVY WALL by Rosa Sophia is about finding love when you aren’t looking for it. It’s about realizing that strength comes from within. It’s about learning that the grass really can be greener on the other side of that ivy wall.

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Review: The Draig’s Wife by Lisa Dawn Wadler


5 stars from Gabrielle Sally!

“This was a fabulous story! Now, I’ve read a fair number of time travel stories and so many left something to be desired. They were good but this one pushed all my buttons in just the right way. The story building was just grand. The way Cortland took Emma under his wing and how easily she shifted into her new role. I loved, loved, loved that she has a martial arts background and could hold her own with sword wielding raiders while protecting those she loves. The gradual unfolding of the relationship between Declan and Emma was lovely and fiery and everything in between…”

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