Handy Hints for Mates of Dragon Shifters by Ann Gimpel

Top Ten List of Handy Hints for Mates of Dragon Shifters:

1. Make friends with the dragon. Seriously, they’ll be a part of your life right along with their bonded mage. No matter how much you might love the mage, you’ll need to love and respect the dragon too. It’s a package deal.

2. You’ll never have to work again because dragons are phenomenally wealthy, but don’t think that will let you off the hook in terms of being busy. The few dragons that didn’t retreat to Fire Mountain are engaged in a battle to save Earth from the ravages of The Morrigan.

dragon_07[1]3. In line with #2 above, sharing one’s life with a dragon shifter isn’t for the squeamish. Battles are frequent and bloody, so learning about defensive magic is critical.

4. Being able to remain stoic, or at least not run screaming for cover, in the face of peril is essential because danger will dog your dragon shifter mate at every turn. You will need to stand by their side and fight, which takes a great deal of courage.

5. Flexibility is important. Dragon shifters have been alive for hundreds of years, so they come from an earlier time than you.

6. A desire to travel and learn new things is a plus. Time travel is a definite possibility.

7. It helps if you’re not too strongly bonded to your job, because you probably won’t have time for it anymore.

8. You’ll meet a lot of new people, from Celtic gods to other dragons and their bonded mates, so having access to a well-developed set of social skills is important. This goes along with #5 above. Humility and grace go a long way in difficult situations.

9. Most magic wielders use fire in their spells. Some are gun shy of its power. Depending on what type of magic wielder you are, bring more fire into your spells. Do what you need to to enhance your comfort level with this volatile element. It will endear you to your dragon shifter mate. Dragons were forged in fire when the world was young.

10. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! No matter how difficult it is, or what you have to give up, your life with your dragon shifter mate will be worth it. They’ll love you and cherish you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine before they became part of your life.

How about you? Would you like to mate with a dragon shifter? Why or why not?

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Dragon maid


10 thoughts on “Handy Hints for Mates of Dragon Shifters by Ann Gimpel

  1. Michelle Hoppe says:

    Hi Ann,

    Very nice. I good with most of these, but oys, bloody battles are not my thing. Is it acceptable for me to schedule a mani during the battles? Just wondering ~smiles~. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. heatherhand says:

    Ann your mage and dragons are so deliciously yummy – that is my top perk! And of course Kat’s comment on flying is fantastic as well. *sigh*


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