Fairy Tale Princesses, True Love, and Happily Ever Afters by Teri Riggs

My family and I spent last week in Orlando visiting the magical kingdom made famous by a cartoon mouse, his friends, and a flock of doe-eyed princesses. You got it. Disney World.

aprincessAt several dinners I watched in amazement as a parade of princesses danced by the tables. They paused to sign autographs, posed for perfect photos, and visited with awestruck children. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and other tiara-toting princesses smiled as they doled out hugs to mesmerized children…and a few adults caught up in the moment. The regal princesses dressed in their finery and welcomed the little ones, snotty noses, sticky fingers, and all. If we were really lucky, Prince Charming or Beast made an appearance. Talk about screaming and swooning fans!

As we made our way through the crowded parks every day, I began to see a pattern. It seemed one out of every ten girls who passed by, leaving a sea of sparkles behind, were dressed in glitter-covered princess costumes. Little girls dream of becoming a Princess. The books, the movies, the songs, and the Prince Charmings? How can we not want to be a Princess? By the way, will someone please come up with a way to keep the glitter on the dresses and not on the Princess and everything she touches? Tinker Bell is way too generous with her fairy dust!

At an early age we get caught up in the fairy tale. We want our own Prince Charming. Over time we realize he may not sing to us—or in some cases, hope he won’t sing to us. He may still continue to be a Beast at times, all grumpy and pig-headed. Our Prince Charmings may not care if we wear the perfect-sized glass slipper. And our Princes probably won’t spend hours frolicking through the flowers with cute little forest critters. But that’s okay as long as he treats us like a Princess.

As a child falling in love fairy-tale-style looks easy. As adults, we know better. A real Prince Charming is not going to fall in love with his Princess the second he sees a cute smiling blue bird sitting on her finger while she sings. That’s not likely to ever happen. Charming will fall in love with a real woman. A woman who wakes up with bed head hair, mascara smudged eyes, and some days, a crabby attitude. A real life woman who’d likely throw a shoe at the blue bird dumb enough to interrupt her sleep. Singing and dancing as she cleans her toilet? Not going to happen—ever. A real Prince Charming will love his Princess in spite of a few flaws. That’s true love. That’s a fairy tale come true.

805236As children we watch our fairy tale Princesses fall in love and live happily ever after. No matter how old we get, we still want to live happily ever after. Some of us are lucky enough to get the happily ever after we’ve been chasing since we read our first Princess fairy tale. Some of us are not. Some of us are still searching for the happily ever after kind of love.

As a romance writer, I give all my Princesses a Prince Charming to fall in love with. My Princesses always get their happily ever after. It’s a good job to have. Prince Charming may be a Beast at first, but a true Princess can see beneath all the gruff and will enlighten him on how to act. I love writing romance. At the end of the day, I hope readers see my books as fairy tales that end in love and happily ever after.

Catch Teri Riggs and her books at: http://teririggs.com

For her interview of Resolutions and the chance to win awesome prizes, click here: http://www.theromancereviews.com/interview.php?location=12754


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