#TRRparty #Featured #Book Hidden by KH LeMoyne (@khlemoyne)

Link: KH LeMoyne Website

An impossible choice for a shifter dad–pledge to an alpha who will keep his children safe at the price of foregoing his future with the human female detective he knows is his mate?

When widower Chisholm Barduc and his family fall under the cross hairs’ of the mob again, he’s ready to ditch the not-so safe haven of his latest WITSEC in North Dakota. But the decision to pledge to the local alpha and safeguard his children will come at a high price. If his instincts are correct, the beautiful and dedicated police officer who’s protecting his daughter’s secret is the mate Chisholm never believed he’d find. And she’s not buying her role in mated destiny. As the net tightens around him, he’s running out of options to protect everyone he loves.

Dani Leggett gets the shock of her life, witnessing her teenage victim’s change from human to leopard. And while Dani’s life is far from normal as well, one sexy lion-shifter dad and his brood do their best to turn her life upside down and get under her skin. Now she must decide how far she can breach her personal code of conduct as a police detective to do what’s best to keep them safe them.

At the end of the story Hidden is a free novelette: Fight Night – a vignette for alpha shifter Deacon Black.

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