#Excerpt #Giveaway : Active Duty edited by Neil Plakcy (@NeilPlakcy @cleispress)

Active Duty

Do Ask Do Tell

The military has never been sexier when these hunky heroes serve their country and each other in Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance, an anthology edited by Neil Plakcy. Experience the thrill of romantic trysts in the middle of battle, witness the everlasting bonds that develop between men who have put their lives on the line for one another day after day, and swoon over the charismatic charm and hard bodies that only the most disciplined of soldiers possess. With the abolition of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, being gay in the armed services has never been more accepted, and this collection has fourteen stories celebrating the freedom of our heroes to love and to lust after whomever they desire.

In Shane Allison’s “Weekend Leave”, a man falls in love with a soldier after a night at a bar, an Air Force captain can finally marry his beloved in “Soaring” by Michael Bracken, and when it comes to hierarchies in the military, rank certainly has its privileges for the Sergeants in Bearmuffin’s “Semper Fi Wrestlers.” The stories in Active Duty are as touchingly honest as they are sexy and will give readers a newfound appreciation for these men in uniform.

“The public displays of affection between soldiers and other men, the first same-sex service academy prom dates, and the first same-sex military weddings serve to illustrate something we have known all along—that gay men are strong, brave and resilient, the very characteristics that make a great soldier.”

—Neil Plakcy, from the Introduction

About the Editor

Neil Plakcy is the author of nineteen novels and collections of short stories, as well as the editor of many anthologies for Cleis Press, including Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, Skater Boys, The Handsome Prince, Model Men, Sexy Sailors, and Beach Bums. He began his erotic writing career with a story for Honcho magazine called “The Cop Who Caught Me”, and he’s been writing about cops and sex ever since, most recently with seven novels in the Mahu mystery series. He lives in South Florida. Find him at his website http://www.mahubooks.com.

Exclusive Excerpt:

From ‘Marine Guard’ by Dirk Strong

The embassy sponsored a party in the gardens to celebrate Labor Day, and though Lucas was on duty, I managed to find myself near him for a few minutes and strike up a conversation. I said something innocuous about the embassy building and then mentioned, “They say a queen used to live here.”

He leaned conspiratorially toward me. “I see queens going in and out of here every day.”

“Present company excepted,” I said. “Nobody’s ever called me a queen.”

“You might look good in drag, though,” he said.

I blushed and turned away, then got caught up in a conversation with one of the political officers. I didn’t see Lucas again for a couple of days, but that wasn’t unusual; the Marines had
varying schedules on the embassy gates.

I was surprised by the knock on my door. I had no friends in Rome other than my coworkers, and I doubted any of them would seek out my apartment so soon after the end of the workday. I’d only been home for a few minutes—just enough time to pull off my suit jacket and undo my tie, and kick my black dress shoes off.

I looked through the peephole and was astonished to see Lucas Roemer. I undid the chain and pulled the door open. He was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved polo shirt, and carrying a bottle of champagne. “I was hoping you’d celebrate with me,” he said.

“Celebrate what?”

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is history,” he said.

“Sounds like a reason to celebrate.” I stepped back to let him in, but instead of walking past me he leaned forward and kissed me. His lips were feathery light against mine at first then pressed forward with an urgency that took me by surprise but was quickly reciprocated.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to do that,” he said, when he finally pulled back.

I took a deep breath. “Wow. That was even better than I imagined it might be.”

He smiled slyly. “Well, then let me prepare to blow your mind.”

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