TOP PICK! Prymal Obsession by @JianneCarlo


“A thriller packed with danger, excitement and explosive chemical reactions. It brings together another drop-dead gorgeous alpha and a surprisingly brave heroine. It also has strong secondary characters and one amazing sub-plot mystery.”

Read the entire review by Isabelle here.


The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species & pack born of Rogue, Wylfen, & Feral. And war begins…

Brut Jurango’s pack is one of butt-ugly misfits, and he’s devoted to each and every member. When his mate and his entire pack are slaughtered, he lives for one sole purpose–revenge. Brut’s a mixed breed, wolf, panther, and human. He had a mate, and shifters are supposed to have only one in a lifetime. So why can’t he resist Sidonie Walker’s call? Or is this just one more lie proliferated by the Wylfen?


An exciting interview is up at:

A peek:

Q: What is the world of Prymal like? You mentioned the war among the species. Is war ongoing? Or is there an uneasy truce? What is it like to live under those conditions?

All of the above and none—sorry couldn’t resist being a smart ass there *smirk*.

War is ongoing as Feral and Rogue packs are still being hunted and slaughtered.

But who is targeting whom?

In the past, the Ferals and Rogues haven’t trusted each other, because the Wylfen have planted evidence at each butchery to implicate the Rogues when Ferals are murdered, and vice versa. Only recently did the Rogues and Ferals begin to suspect that perhaps some or all of the Wylfen are responsible for their killings.

Prymal is a new alliance and two of the female Wylfens who chose Prymal mates have been attacked and exiled. Yet, an uneasy and undefined truce develops between a few members of the Wylfen pack, specifically Tania’s immediate family, and Prymal. Prymal has no idea whether the rest of the Wylfen pack will hold that truce and assume the worst. It’s difficult for the mated Prymal Alphas to allow their females out of their homes without protection…




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