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“An absolutely smexy story of discovering love right under your noses – and the smokin’ hot scenes between the three are to tri-die for!” ~ Snarky Mom Reads

“Ms. Lindt is becoming my go-to author when I want realistic, emotional stories about ‘geeks’…. Ms. Lindt writes emotional stories about characters that you care about.  Geeks or not.  She is not to be missed.” ~ Harlie’s Books

“I have been waiting eagerly for [Roll Against Trust] to finally hit the shelves, so that everyone has a chance to lust over it.” ~ Sofia Grey



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Tasha’s not looking for love, but she doesn’t mind just looking… and maybe a little fantasizing. Her two best friends and weekend AD& D buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in her fantasies. When a late night gaming session with the three goes from silly to verbally scorching in an instant, Tasha wonders if her imagination is enough to keep her satisfied long term.

Then her ex’s money mismanagement catches up to her in the form of draining her bank account, her job is threatened by a mistake that points to Ryan, and Seth takes his side. If Tasha can’t move past her trust issues long enough to uncover the truth—both with herself and the men she’s falling for—she’ll wind up broken-hearted and just plain broke.

Chapter One

“I’m not sharing a cramped inn room with two orcs, a halfling thief who keeps stealing my panties, and a sweaty paladin. He hasn’t taken off that armor in a freaking month.”

Ryan draped himself across the couch to lay his head in my lap. Brown eyes so dark they were almost black crinkled at the corners when he laughed up at me. “C’mon, Tash, join me in the bath. We’d save water at the same time, and that kind of conservationism should do something for your druid sensibilities, right?”

“My character’s name is Ardra,” I corrected him out of habit, not irritation. It had only taken me a couple of weeks of campaigning with him to realize he was just going to use my real name, regardless of whom I was role-playing as. I made a half-hearted attempt to push him upright. “And aren’t you supposed to be celibate?”

“Absolutely not. As of now, I serve a god of orgies and wine. Dionysus, maybe?”

Seth looked up from behind his dungeon master screen, eyebrows raised. “He’s not in our pantheon.” His mouth twisted in thought. “Then again, sure, why the hell not? Roll against your charisma.”

I laughed in disbelief. “I’m not taking a bath with him, water conservation or not.” Even as the protest passed my lips, my imagination crept in to taunt me. My druid character might prefer the plague over rubbing skin with his paladin, but I wouldn’t mind watching Ryan strip down. Or Seth, for that matter.

They were as different in personality as appearance. Ryan was one of the few guys I’d ever met taller than my five-eleven, and he was as thin as a blade. His short hair was the same shade as his almost-black eyes, and his deep voice always sent shivers down my spine.

Seth, on the other hand, was only an inch or so shorter than me. He kept his blond hair in a ponytail, his broad shoulders reflected how dedicated he was to his gym time, and his attention to detail was why we always let him run our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

The two of them lived together—Seth rented a room from Ryan. All three of us had become quick friends when I’d started working for the same company as them about two years earlier. I’d gotten over my crushes on both early in our friendship.

A decision made easier by the fact I’d married and divorced in my early twenties, and learned from the experience not to trust myself or my partner in a long-term relationship. I was that bad at reading myself and the people around me. But that didn’t mean I had a problem with looking. Or, on occasion, letting fantasy run rampant through my thoughts when I was alone and wanted more than just batteries to help the vibrator do its job.

Dice clattered against the table, and Seth let out a sharp, “Ha!” He looked at Ryan. “You’ve failed to seduce the fair maiden.”

“Not even possible.” Ryan sat up, frowning at the dice. “I want a re-roll.”

“Nope.” Seth shook his head. “No mulligans. Pick up a bar wench, or you’ll have to hit the sack alone tonight.”

If I squinted, I could make out the red letters on the microwave in the kitchen. Almost two a.m. This had become a ritual for the three of us at our weekly role-playing sessions. Even after everyone else threw in the towel and headed home, we’d stay up long into Saturday morning, waiting to see who would fold first and either fall asleep or call it quits. Tonight we’d been sillier than usual, so we’d be here a while longer. I was fine with that. I was enjoying the evening too much to be the person who tapped out.

“I’m not tired,” Ryan announced. “So, after my bath, I’m going for a walk in the woods.”

Seth looked up at me, pale eyes hauntingly captivating in the dimly lit living room. “Are you going with him, my lady?”

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