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“Kimberly Dean has the right blend of sugar and spice, soft and hard, sweet and angsty as well as just a dab of fun and drama thrown in for effect.” ~ RJ on Goodreads

Loved it, I devoured this book.” ~ Ufuoma on Goodreads

“Jason that boy is bossy with a capital B… I enjoyed this book I loved Jason. ~ Heather on Goodreads




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When times get tough, how bad does a good girl have to get?

Sienna Blakely is bright, articulate, underemployed and forced to rely on the one asset she vowed never to use – her looks.

With bills piling up, Sienna signs a contract with Luxxor Escort Services. A contract that strictly forbids any sexual contact with clients… And then she’s assigned to companion Jason Sloan. Just meeting the man causes a full-body jolt. Arrogant, powerful, and sexy, he’s trouble. And he can see through the facade she’s erected, right down to the intelligent and sensual woman underneath. He challenges her wits, and he challenges the rules.

Chapter One

She checked her email first to see if she’d had any responses to the on-line applications she’d submitted. Her nose crinkled when all she found was spam sent out by the stores she frequented and a message from her mother.

Four months.

It had been four months since she’d graduated with her master’s degree, and she’d yet to get more than a nibble at full-time employment – and it wasn’t as if she’d waited to start her search until she had her diploma.

She ran a hand through her hair, flipping it over to the side. The advancement of technology hadn’t been a friend to jobseekers. Résumés seemingly fell into a black hole, never once reaching human eyes, and companies were so rude these days. She’d applied to nearly a hundred places, but only a handful of businesses had set up an automatic reply to let her know they’d received her materials. The ones who’d actually interviewed her hadn’t followed up, even though she’d sent thank-you notes and polite inquiries on the status of the job openings. Her recruiter said that businesses were simply fearful of lawsuits.

Sienna blamed it all on abysmal business etiquette.

She had a master’s in corporate communications, after all. She’d learned that sort of thing.

Closing her eyes, she tried to slow her breaths. The all too familiar sense of panic and helplessness was back.

And jealousy.

Moans from the next room made her turn up the volume on her music. She nibbled on a shrimp quiche and opened the email from her mom.

Her jaw set when she read it.

She knew her mother was trying to be helpful, but she hadn’t even sent along an encouraging message this time. She’d simply forwarded the job posting.

Customer Success Associate.

Code for call center.

Sienna sank back onto the pillow she’d propped up behind her. She hadn’t won an advanced degree in order to take a minimum-wage job. She could hear her mother even now, though, arguing that the job was at least in communications.

Sienna rubbed her temple and nearly groaned along with the couple coupling in the next room.

Was she being too picky? Too snobbish?

The green fish dress glinted at her from across the room. She didn’t think so. She was making more from waitressing, and she got tips. Tips that she needed. Living in DC wasn’t cheap, even on the outskirts.

The panic started to flare again. Should she start looking outside the capital area? She’d sent résumés up and down the East Coast. Should she start applying out west? She didn’t know anybody out that way, but she’d lived in places across the world. She could adjust.

Shaking her head, she closed the email and switched over to social media. She might as well. It wasn’t as if it was quiet enough for her to consider sleeping.

“Yeah, baby. Just like that . . .” A shiver shot down the back of her neck.

OK, that had been kind of hot. And dominant . . .

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