Interview with @Laura_Griff on her latest BEYOND LIMITS (@Pocket_Books)

 Interview with LAURA GRIFFIN

Q: What’s the Tracers series about?

The Tracers are an elite group of forensic scientists who help investigators solve their very toughest cases. I’ve had so much fun writing the series because each story has some sort of forensic twist. In BEYOND LIMITS, the Tracers help the FBI unravel clues to a terrorism plot.

Q: Tell us about BEYOND LIMITS and the main characters, Elizabeth LeBlanc and Derek Vaughn.

Elizabeth is an FBI agent determined to prove herself on a major case. Derek is the Navy SEAL who has inside info about the terrorists she is pursuing and wants to help. Elizabeth is wary of Derek and knows he’s going to be a huge distraction for her, but Derek is tenacious. He won’t
stop until he has not only helped Elizabeth with her manhunt, but turned her life upside-down,

Read more on page 34 in the January ezine. Click on the picture below.


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