Interview with Kate Pearce (@Kate4Queen) on her latest MASTERING A SINNER (@KensingtonBooks)

 Interview with KATE PEARCE

Q: Tell us about The Sinners Club series. Where did you get the inspiration for the series? What connects all the books in the series?

I previously wrote a series called The House of Pleasure and the Sinners is an offshoot from that. Some of the characters cross over into both series. The main difference is that the Sinners are a mixture of plot, mystery and sex, whereas the House of Pleasure books are more erotic.

The Sinners Club is a place where men and women who served their country in various nonmilitary ways during the Napoleonic wars can get support, advice, somewhere to stay and maybe a little sexual entertainment on the side. 🙂

Q: What makes your erotic romance series stand out from the rest?

It is historical, which is unusual in the current market. It is well researched (I have a Masters
degree in history) and I’ve written enough books to be comfortable with my subject matter. As
my favorite part is writing the sex scenes and I’m a true believer in anything goes, I think most
readers will enjoy both the deep emotion and the sex within my books.

Read more on page 53 in the January ezine. Click on the picture below.


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