#TRRparty #Featured #Book A Pirate’s Agony by M.L. Guida (@ml_mlguida)

Link: Amazon

Washed out to sea by a violent storm, Amadi wakes up on the island of St. Kitt only to be captured by slave traders and sold back to the very same plantation he’d escaped from five years before. But the plantation is under the new ownership of a vicious twisted woman and he’s trapped until the moon allows him access to his vampire powers. All Amadi has to do is keep his head down and hope no one realizes he is a previously escaped slave, and he’ll be able to leave this life far behind. But the full moon is three days away, and horrible things can happen to an enslaved man in three days.

Lovely indentured Violet Perdue cannot tell a lie. If she does, her pale skin breaks out into red scratching blisters. Sold to a twisted plantation owner she is forced by her own skin to reveal Amadi to their vicious owner. Trying to make it up to him, she risks her life to rescue him from the dungeon, but how can she expect him to trust her after her betrayal? Desperate to escape she bargains to be his pirate servant if he’ll only steal her away. Tempted by her offer, Amadi agrees, but soon realizes, his little indentured servant has stolen his heart.

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