#TRRparty #Featured #Book Spellbound by Vanessa Liebe (@author_vanessa @Luludotcom)

Link: Amazon

Indulge in four stories of magic fuelled erotica; lust spells, spells gone wrong, enchantments and a fairy versus a God.

Lust Cakes – Caught by her hot boss when she puts a lust spell on some cupcakes intended for her work colleagues, Jasmine the Mischief Fairy is in for a very pleasant surprise.

Amateur Witch – A novice at magic, Tammy puts a spell on her boyfriend for a Halloween party – and after turning him into a real vampire, is in for the hottest night of her life. Only she’s not as magical as she’d like to think and there’s something her boyfriend needs to confess to.

Amazon – An enchanted necklace turns Samantha into a real Amazonian warrior when she hires a costume for a Birthday party. Feeling the sudden need to procreate for her tribe she captures a man to mate with – whether he wants to or not.

Revenge Fairy – Wanting revenge on the fae or God who seduced her sister, Tana discovers the innocent being blamed for it is pursuing her and she experiences the erotic consequences of messing with a God.

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