#TRRparty #Featured #Book Have Your Cake by D.S. Roi

Link: Amazon

Have Your Cake is a D Storm Novels S.P.I.C.E Romance.

Cyana has spent years focused on family. When her sister, Iona Huffing the Executive Chef of Huffing Kitchen, asks her to present a wedding cake at a high-profile event, she’s tempted to place her responsibility as a single mother on hold. Having pursued her passion for two decades and planned her new business venture, she jumps at the chance to flaunt her natural talents as a Pâtisserie Chef. By her luck, she’s dropped in the path of the handsome Project Manager, Asher, who proves a challenge to her emotional state, even though he’s dipped in white chocolate.

Asher is a hands-on businessman with his fortune tied into making happily ever after moments for all his clients. His projects run more smoothly than his love life. When Cyana Huffing stumbles into his path, he seizes the opportunity to take all she has to offer. The budding relationship is strained by family and business obligations; made fragile by haunting histories. Faced with calling things off or exploring their relationship, he must choose if his happily ever after is a sweet piece of cake, or an empty plate.

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