#TRRparty #Featured #Book His Perfect One by J.S. Danielle

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“His Perfect One” is about the love of a man who has kept it suppressed deep down inside for quite some time. Will his perfect one be just what he needs to bring it out?

Devin was a master to women, lover of the female form, until the one closest to him, left him. Angry, antisocial and a bit outspoken, Devin dives headfirst into work, but is leery of all things female. Will he ever find the girl who loves him for him?

Aria was the perfect girl next door: intelligent, beautiful, outspoken and feisty. She just needed the right person to bring that out of her. Too bad her first wasn’t it. Tired of being led around, Aria puts her lovelife into the hands of her best friend…and that’s not all she gives up!

In search of the epitome of love, fate allowed Devin to cross paths with Aria. Together, in search of love, theirs is the perfect one.

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