#TRRparty #Featured #Book True Surrender by Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Link: Author Website

When U.S. Army officer Aaron Bricewick is rescued from Afghanistan terrorists, he thinks the worst is over. Little does he know his personal journey is just beginning…

The first surprise is the amputation of one of his legs. The second is the woman he left behind, now a widow with a 4-year-old son – and his new prosthetist.

He vows that losing his leg won’t derail his military career, but adjusting to life as an amputee is harder than he anticipated; it would be all too easy to become addicted to painkiller drugs…

Maintaining his outward appearance as a got-it-together military officer becomes increasingly difficult as he struggles with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), even while denying he needs help.

And though he has no intention of expanding his life to include a woman (let alone a widow and a young child), reuniting with his lost love leads his heart in another direction. Will he get a second chance at love, or will the possibility of long-term separation scare Holly away?

When another Army officer goes missing in Afghanistan, and Aaron discovers he’s been betrayed by a friend, he finds himself questioning the very foundation of his personal beliefs. His life is further shaken when his friend and fellow veteran with PTSD commits suicide.

But when a promise of redemption comes from an unexpected source, Aaron must make a stand. Which will he choose: duty or love?

True Surrender is a medical drama and soldier love story with inspirational themes that explore the inner struggle with Christian faith – especially when everything goes wrong. Note: It also has sensual situations and references to sex.

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