The Romantic Guy

Hi, I’m Ashia, a reviewer for The Romance Reviews. Thank you for reading.

So, I’m sure each of us, especially romance-aholics, have our own definition of what a romantic guy is. Or should be. After all, there are the book boyfriends, and we’re also spoiled by hunky guys from countless rom-com movies who do these spine-tingling things for the heroines, which undoubtedly have influenced our idea of The Romantic Guy.

oneLike the heroine of Sarah Ballance’s latest, One Sexy Mistake (read review here), we want The Romantic Guy to:

  1. Bring flowers
  2. Bring chocolates or candies
  3. Do a grand gesture to win us over and convince us of his love
  4. Grovelling would be a good idea.

But…I think flowers, candies–they’re all outward things. And grand gestures–sure, we love to watch how these guys would grovel or go all out to win back their lady, but these are usually done only once in a blue moon, for the time when he has f***ed up big time.

I think it’s the little, everyday things that show us the guy cares for us that make him romantic. For example, in the book, Grady is a self-professed non-romantic guy, yet, he wraps the heroine in his blanket because it’s cold (it’s a heavy snow day) without her saying a word, he got her sock back from the terrifying cat, he helped her find evidence (because she couldn’t do it herself), he called in favors to help her , and he’s willing to do things that may not be important to him but he does them all the same because they are important to her. So, I find him very romantic indeed. Although I would have to say that the grand gesture Grady makes at the end is awesome. As is what he said.

Here are some real life examples (I hope) of romantic gestures from guys:


What about you? What do you think makes a Romantic Guy?


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