Exclusive Interview and Review (with Giveaway): The Man She Knew by Loree Lough

From Bestselling and Award Winning Author
Loree Lough
Don’t they both deserve a second chance?


5 stars from Gabrielle Sally!

“The internal dialogue…greatly enhanced the story and strengthened my sympathy for both characters along with my desire for their HEA…This is a story about lost loves, second chances, forgiveness, and redemption and it’s lovely.”

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Loree, thanks for taking the time to speak to us about your latest, THE MAN SHE KNEW.

1. Please tell us something unique about you that we can’t learn from your bio.

I love doing things that break fingernails and leave me dirty, sweaty, and tired, so gardening has long been a favorite pastime. Experimenting with new plants, trying to ‘save’ those that seem doomed to the compost heap, and feeding, watering, deadheading, and weeding around the things that grow in my yard are second only to enjoying the blooms, themselves.

2. What’s your favorite part of writing?

Creating memorable characters is the best part of the job. I look at them as unpolished diamonds, and consider it a duty to give each main character at least 52 facets, so they can shine and sparkle. I also love creating believable settings that allow readers to learn new things about cities and neighborhoods…or reacquaint themselves with areas that are familiar to them.

3. If you could live in one of your stories, which one would you choose and why?

Wow. That’s a tough one! I suppose I’d have to choose one of the novels in my First Responders series. I’ve always admired the dedication and sacrifices of those who don a uniform every day, and walk willingly into unknown dangers to protect their fellow citizens.

4. What’s your inspiration for writing The Man She Knew?

I’ve always believed in second chances, so when I hear stories about recidivism by ex-cons, it hurts my heart. “There but by the grace of God,” any of us might have committed a serious crime…and paid for it with time behind bars. But once that time is served, every former prisoner is entitled to prove that they’re changed men and women who can contribute to society. That is precisely what led me to make Ian Sylvestry a reformed man.

5. What is one characteristic of your hero, Ian Sylvestry, that would endear him to the readers?

Ian is not a shirker, not even when it comes to accepting full responsibility for past mistakes. He’s determined to prove to those he hurt that he’s a changed man…especially Maleah, the love of his life. Any man who’s willing to ‘take it on the chin’ the way Ian does is sexy and manly in my book!

6. What about your heroine, Maleah Turner? Such a unique name. Does Maleah mean anything? Why would readers sympathize with her?

Maleah was heartbroken and confused when Ian’s crime took him from her. The night of the robbery, he’d called and pleaded with her to meet him, help him come to grips with the way his mother abandoned him and his father. If she’d agreed to meet him, might he have chosen a different path? She devoted herself to earning several prestigious degrees that delivered a great job and the respect of her peers. And though she’d dated, Maleah never found a man with Ian’s good qualities. Her name is the Hawaiian variant of Mary, and means “perhaps” or “probably.” I believe that’s why—although she doesn’t admit it, even to herself—she held onto hope that someday, she and Ian would reunite.

7. What’s up next for you?

A couple of things, actually. First, the release of 50 Hours, my novel based on the screenplay by Kevin O’Neill. Here’s the teaser: 50 Hour_Teaser_Final.mov

Next up, #2 in the “By Way of the Lighthouse” series, Remembering Rosie, the story of a couple so damaged by the kidnapping of their 3-year old daughter that they separate. When she’s found, though, they reunite to provide her with a stable home environment. The question is…can they find the love they once knew, or is it a marriage in name only?

Then, #3 in the series, The Reformation of Lillie Rourke, featuring a heroine who, following a stint in rehab, works hard to prove to those hurt by her addiction that she has turned her life around.

The Man She Knew
Loree Lough
Series: By Way of the Lighthouse, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
Publication Date: June 1, 2017
Fourteen years ago, one reckless act cost Ian Sylvestry everything, including the girl he planned to marry. Since then, he has fought hard to turn his life around. Returning to his Baltimore town after serving a prison term was the first step. Winning back Maleah Turner’s trust is a far more daunting challenge.
From their first sparks-flying reunion, it’s obvious they still have powerful feelings for each other. In fact, they might be even stronger together now. But if their second chance is going to work, Maleah has to believe that Ian is a changed man. She really wants to believe…but she simply isn’t convinced.
“I love it! I like all characters in this book. I could not put it down until the end.”
– Terri, Goodreads Reviewer
“When I pick up a novel by Loree Lough, I know it’ll be an entertaining read, filled with characters I love and scenes I’ll remember forever. The Man She Knew is exactly that…and more.”
– Claudia Mossman

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About Loree Lough

Loree Lough

Once upon a time, Loree sang for her supper. That space reserved in pubs for “the piano lady?” Well, that’s where she sat, strumming her Yamaha in cities all over the U.S. and Canada. Now and then, she blows the dust from the old 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, she writes. And with the release of the 1st book in her third series for Harlequin Heartwarming, “By Way of the Lighthouse,” she’ll have 110 books on the shelves. She feels blessed that, over the years, most of her stories have earned 4- and 5-star reviews, but what Loree is most proud of are the dozens “Readers’ Choice” awards she has won, because it’s the readers’ opinions she cares most about!
Loree and her husband and live in a Baltimore suburb and enjoy spending time at their cozy cabin in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains (where she has nearly perfected her “identify the critter tracks” skills). They have two lovely daughters and seven ‘grandorables,’ and because she believes in giving back, Loree donates a generous portion of her annual income to several worthwhile charities. (See the full list on the “Giving Back” page at http://www.loreelough.com.)
While you’re there, Loree hopes you’ll drop her a note, because she loves hearing from her readers, some of whom have become lifelong friends! (You can also interact with her at Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.)
Official website: http://www.loreelough.com/
Connect with Loree Lough on social media:


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