TRR’s New Look!

The Romance Reviews will have a new look in November! We’re so excited–just 8 more days!

Not only will TRR have a new look, but there’ll also be new and better and more features at the site on the romance books that we all love and enjoy! So, you’ll see more content here, which will also be reflected on the site, which will have even more content that would be posted exclusively at the site. We’ll try to cross-post, but sometimes, due to time constraints, that won’t be possible, so please do visit the site when you can.

What kind of features? Well, you’ll have to come back and see. 🙂 Some bloggers/reviewers will also be posting, so you won’t get tired of me. LOL Do you have any suggestions? We welcome them! Drop us a note in comment below on what kinds of post you’d like to see and we’ll try to make it happen. Or, if you’re shy, feel free to send me an email at carole @

Looking forward to your suggestions and feedback! Look for these posts starting November.

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