Featured: Thunder Basin by Nya Rawlyns

We’re excited to feature an excerpt from Thunder Basin by Nya Rawlyns. Enjoy!

Glenn hid his grin as he watched his date… no, his new lady friend… sashay up to the main gate. She’d ponied up for a pair of boots more suited for doing the two-step at Jake’s Bar and Grill—all fancy-dancy tooled leather and sporting a ribbon of short fringe—but damn, they looked good on her. As did the well-worn jeans and sensible chambray shirt that hugged her trim frame. The hair that’d been done up in a take-me-serious braid now swung loose in a ponytail. A touch of pink on her lips seemed to be the only noticeable make-up on a face that looked fresh as all outdoors.

Earlier that day he’d seen the city girl persona, but here… as he led her up the bleachers to their seats… she was a hundred percent country, born and bred. Maybe not the boots, but he’d seen worse on cute young things out to impress the studs lining the fence, whooping ’n hollering.

Glenn remembered those days well, when Arlo’d been right here, rubbing shoulders with the bronc riders, talking trash and making side bets on who got to walk away with the rodeo queen. For Arlo that had been Beth Ann, the love of his life.

Shuddering, Glenn put old memories away for another day. He was here to enjoy the day with a lovely woman who had no notion of his past or his present. Blank slates, both of them. A fresh start, even if it was just for the day.

To read more, turn to page 11 of the ezine: https://www.theromancereviews.com/ezines/072018.pdf

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