Interview with Tory Richards, author of Dangerous

We’re excited to feature an interview with Tory Richards on DANGEROUS. Enjoy!

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Nomad Outlaws Trilogy? How are the books tied together?

Sometimes a secondary character I write in a story will stand out for me and I’ll decide that they need their own story. I rarely begin a story with the thought in mind that I want to write a series, but I had a couple of characters in different books that caught the attention of readers. Both Rebel and Jace appeared in other MC romances I’ve written, so I decided since they were nomads I would write a nomad trilogy.

Rebel (Ruthless) was a member of Dark Menace MC. He also appeared in Wild Marauders MC. He was spying on a rival MC for them so it was easy making him a nomad at the end because of what he’d gone through in the rival club.

Jace (Dangerous) appeared in His Possession and Ruthless. He was already a nomad so I just incorporated him into Ruthless.

Moody (Furious) was a new character I introduced in Ruthless and again in Dangerous.

To read more, check it out here:

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