First Kiss: Dragon Trap by Sarah Marsh

This is a featured article column called FIRST KISS. We ask authors to share a first kiss scene from one of their books published in 2017. And each author graciously sent in an excerpt. Enjoy!

Title: Dragon Trap
Author: Sarah Marsh
Genre: Sci-fi Menage Romance
Publication Date: February 23, 2017
Buy Link: Amazon

All Marisol Lewis had ever wanted was a family, but her ex-husband back on Earth made sure that would never happen while they were together. Now? After waking up on an alien planet, she has a plan, and she’s more determined than ever to see it through on her own.

Luca and Baelion are dragon shifters with a troubled past. Shunned by their own people, they now work for the Coalition Council taking rescue jobs that no one else can do. They manage to find Marisol when she gets abducted–but their rescue plans take a wrong turn, and they all end up stranded on a dangerous, quarantined planet.

Mari finds out the hard way that life often gets in the way of best-laid plans…and dragon shifters most definitely do get in the way of hers. Good thing for her that dragons are naturally quite stubborn once they decide they want something–and they’ve decided she’s theirs.


“So”—she waded in up to her knees, sighing at how good the cool water felt on her abused muscles—“how is it even possible for you guys to shift from huge dragons back into men? I mean, obviously, you have way more mass in your dragon form. Where does it go when you’re as you are now?”

Mari could tell she’d surprised him with the nature of her question, but the science of it all was fascinating to her, and she wasn’t the type of person who could not know and be all ‘woo-woo, it must be magic.’

“You’re the first person to ask me that particular question.” He grinned at her. “Give me your hand and I will show you.”

She stepped closer and placed her hand in his, shivering when he ran his thumb gently across her palm.

“In this form, we are much denser than any other shifter,” he explained before he placed his wrist in her hand and let the weight of his arm go. “See? I’m still holding approximately seventy-five percent of my own weight.”

Marisol was shocked when her hand dropped under the weight of his arm. There was no way she could have held it up with one hand at all, maybe not even with two.

“Wow, you guys must weigh a ton. That would explain your muscle mass, as well, then. I guess you’d need all of them just to haul your bodies around and keep everything from pulling itself apart.”

“You are very observant, Mari. What was your occupation on Earth?”

“I was a nurse.”

The surprised look in his eyes made her laugh.

“Not what you were expecting?” she asked.

“You’re a medic?” Bae joined her in the water up to his ankles.

“Not a doctor, but I assisted the doctors at the hospital.”

“That explains why you’re such a capable female. I’m impressed.” Baelion was close enough now to reach up and slowly caress her cheek once again as his eyes met hers.

Mari knew she blushed at his compliment, why it seemed to please her so much coming from him wasn’t entirely clear. Even Marisol could figure out that he was flirting with her at this point. Baelion’s approach was so different than Luca’s had been last night. He was sweet and gentle, while his partner was blatant and direct. The combination of the two of them was a potent force indeed, and if she wasn’t careful, they might find their way past the high wall around her heart.

Was a little passion worth the risk? These two men were already mates, and they loved each other. The last thing Mari wanted was to get attached to two men who were looking for a casual third to spice up their love life, but damn if they weren’t awfully tempting.

Just as she was certain that Baelion was going to kiss her, Luca strode out of the bushes with some kind of animal thrown over his shoulder.

“The provider has returned!” He winked at her before taking a second look at how close they were standing. “And what have you two been up to in my absence? Hmm?”

Marisol’s blush was instant, but she couldn’t help but be charmed at this somehow lighter, teasing version of Luca.

“I will cook if you start the fire, mate.” Bae surprised her by stealing a quick kiss before he left the water and took the carcass from the other man.

Luca’s laugh in response to Baelion’s words shocked her almost as much as the chaste kiss from his partner. She stood there stunned.

“The look on your face, Mari. It was just a kiss.” Luca made short work of gathering some broken tree limbs and setting the fire. “And not even a very good one, at that.”

“Hey!” Bae laughed and threw a stick back at the other man.

“But since you allowed him to kiss you, I demand equal rights.”

“He stole that kiss and you know it,” she teased, unable to stop her smile as he stalked closer.

“Do I?” He grinned at her before offering his hand to help her from the water. “What harm could one little kiss do? I braved the jungle to bring you lunch. Surely that deserves a reward?”

“A reward, huh?” She grinned, enjoying teasing him. “Well, I suppose rescuing me from crazy space pirates deserves a tiny kiss.”

As soon as the words left her lips, he dove forward and captured her mouth in a devastating kiss. This was no sweet peck or chaste gesture. He brought his hands up to the base of her head, allowing him full control as he moved his lips over hers. When he finally released her, she was breathless as she looked back up at him. The carnal hunger she could read on his face did all sorts of things to her already heated-up body.

“Well”—Bae’s voice was thick with desire as he spoke—“I’ll be looking forward to collecting the rest of my kiss tonight then.”

“You should, love.” Luca’s gaze never left hers as he walked back over to his mate. “She tastes delicious.”

Mari was almost certain some kind of moaning sound left her lips as she watched Luca lean down and slowly press the same lips that had just been against hers to Baelion’s in a seductive display. It was one of the sexiest things she’d ever seen, the two of these men together. There was so much strength between them, but the tenderness of their affection was obvious.

“Mmm, delicious,” Bae whispered, licking his lips as Luca pulled back.

“I shall go find us some fruit while you cook lunch,” Luca added. He grabbed up the satchel and strode back into the jungle.

“Wow.” Mari touched her lips with a preoccupied smile. She couldn’t find any other word to sum up what had just happened.

“Yes.” Baelion chuckled as he lifted the meat onto the spit he’d made and draped it over the now roaring fire. “He has that same effect on me, as well.”

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