Excerpt and Review: The Secrets that Shape Us by W.L. Brooks

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The Romance Review
5 stars from Gabrielle Sally!

“Ms. Brooks does an amazing job of creating an intriguing plot woven into engaging characters that are as distinctive as they are eccentric…The suspense elements are there again, much like in book 1, and you will simultaneously worry and cheer the sisters on…there are romantic elements (Casey and Ryan) that will take you through a range of emotions…this book was an emotional rollercoaster for me and I loved every minute of it.”

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W.L. Brooks
The Secrets That Shape Us
Series: The McKay Series Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: October 22, 2018
Returning home was just the beginning, but staying…might be her end.
After uncovering a devastating secret, Casey McKay left her beloved home town and pretended not to look back. For years, the truth her sisters hid from her has kept her away. Now, in desperate need of Casey’s help, her sisters have hired a PI to find her.
As a private investigator, Ryan Keller is used to getting into sticky situations, but nothing could have prepared him for the likes of Ms. McKay. Unable to resist her appeal for help, Ryan returns with her to Blue Creek. Little do they know they are walking right into a deadly plot to destroy the McKay sisters.
The closer they get to the truth, the harder it is for them to resist temptation. But succumbing to their desires puts Ryan in the crosshairs of a vengeful foe. To save them, Casey must face her past and the secrets that have shaped her.


Sweat slid down her back and into the waistband of her khakis. She glanced over her shoulder to where Ryan was coming up behind her. He was mumbling to himself—no doubt cursing her—and using a handkerchief to dab the perspiration from his forehead. He hadn’t complained, not once, which surprised her. It had taken her an hour to find the old trail, but she had found it. Now they were on the right track. She hoped.

She stopped and took a swig from her water bottle. “You okay?”

“Yes, thank you,” Ryan said sipping from his own container.

“It shouldn’t be much farther now.” She turned and started walking, not waiting for his response.

“You really think she’ll be out here?”

Casey squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. “She has to be,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?”

You weren’t supposed to. “When we were little, we made a secret place in these woods. We spent an entire summer building a fort out here and never told anyone about it.” It had been theirs and theirs alone. She slowed her steps when they came to a clearing.

Several trees had been cut down, and the surrounding bushes had been taken out. A cabin now sat where their fort had been. She began walking down the path, then stopped in her tracks, and Ryan bumped into her.

“Oh, God,” she said, turning away from the sight in front of her.

Ryan looked over her shoulder, then took her hands in his and waited until she met his eyes. “That’s her.”


October 22 – November 3, 2018
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The Secrets That Shape Us Tour Graphic

About W.L. Brooks

W.L. Brooks

W. L. Brooks likes to write like she reads with a bit of mystery, romance, suspense, and, to keep it interesting, the occasional dash of the paranormal. Living in Western North Carolina she is currently working on her next novel.
Official website: http://www.wlbrooks.com/
Social Media Links: Facebook | Instagram


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