Interview with Amy Jarecki, Author of The Highland Renegade

We’re excited to feature an interview with Amy Jarecki on her latest book, THE HIGHLAND RENEGADE. Enjoy!

Q: In THE HIGHLAND RENEGADE, we meet heroine Janet Cameron. Do tell us more about her. From the blurb, she sounds like she could kick ass.

Janet is the daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron, one of the most feared Highland chieftains. She is no weakling, for with three older brothers, a lass cannot afford to be shy or weak-kneed. She has a big heart and an enormous sense of justice, and when her own brother wrongly lashes out at their father’s nemesis, Laird Grant, Janet is the first to step forward and insist that her brother apologize.

Q: What about Laird Robert Grant? How is he a swoonworthy hero?

A fierce Highland laird, Robert’s honor and loyalty to clan and kin are oft his undoing. But when it comes to Janet Cameron a wee bit of his loyalty is challenged. When she is abducted by a vile redcoat soldier, Robert casts aside an enduring clan feud and boldly rides to her rescue. An early winter storm impedes their getaway and the pair end up trapped in the mountains with nowhere to go. And who wouldn’t want to be trapped in a mountain cottage with the fiercest Highlander in Scotland?

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Interview with Paullett Golden, Author of The Earl and the Enchantress

We’re excited to feature an interview with Paullett Golden on THE EARL AND THE ENCHANTRESS. Enjoy!

Q: What draws you to write historical romance?

I love a good fairy tale! I especially love the unexpected romance when it doesn’t seem there could possibly be a happily ever after, and then somehow it works out, as if by magic.

I do believe there’s not a single moment that defines the happily ever after; for instance, the wedding bells ring, and we know in that moment they’ll live happily ever after, or the hero proposes, and we think by that proposal, all conflicts are pushed aside. I don’t buy that. I believe happily ever after is when we reach a point where we know we can resolve any conflict together.

When I finish reading a romance, I want to know the two characters will be able to tackle anything that comes their way. Despite the happy ending, I know, realistically, there will be disagreements and misunderstandings in the future, but I want to close the book knowing the two characters have established a strong enough foundation and an efficient enough method of communication, that no disagreement is insurmountable.

To me, seeing this, knowing this, gives us hope. I don’t want the completely unrealistic tale. I want the tale that shows us there’s hope for every marriage, every spinster or bachelor, every person who has ever felt broken or hopeless. I want to know we can all craft our own happily ever after.

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Interview with Tory Richards, author of Dangerous

We’re excited to feature an interview with Tory Richards on DANGEROUS. Enjoy!

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the Nomad Outlaws Trilogy? How are the books tied together?

Sometimes a secondary character I write in a story will stand out for me and I’ll decide that they need their own story. I rarely begin a story with the thought in mind that I want to write a series, but I had a couple of characters in different books that caught the attention of readers. Both Rebel and Jace appeared in other MC romances I’ve written, so I decided since they were nomads I would write a nomad trilogy.

Rebel (Ruthless) was a member of Dark Menace MC. He also appeared in Wild Marauders MC. He was spying on a rival MC for them so it was easy making him a nomad at the end because of what he’d gone through in the rival club.

Jace (Dangerous) appeared in His Possession and Ruthless. He was already a nomad so I just incorporated him into Ruthless.

Moody (Furious) was a new character I introduced in Ruthless and again in Dangerous.

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Interview with Donna S. Frelick, author of Not Fade Away

We’re excited to feature an interview with Donna S. Frelick on NOT FADE AWAY. Enjoy!

Q: Which character in the series is the hardest to write? Why?

The villains in the series are always the hardest characters to write, because no bad guy ever thinks he’s a bad guy! I use multiple points of view, which means the villains always get their say, too. I have to find a way to make them at least a little bit sympathetic, so they aren’t just cardboard characters.

Q: What draws you to write Science Fiction Romance?

I’ve been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid—all the classic writers, then Star Trek, Twilight Zone, and later, X-Files and the rest. I just always thought Captain Kirk should actually have the girl, not just leave the girl, you know? So, I started out writing Trek fan fiction back in the ‘90’s before I moved on to creating my own universe to play in.

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Interview with Deborah Garland, author of Must Have Faith

We’re excited to feature an interview with Deborah Garland on MUST HAVE FAITH. Enjoy!

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Q: MUST HAVE FAITH is book #2 of the Darling Cove Series. Where did you get your inspiration for this series? How are the books tied together?

I hadn’t set out to write a series. I wrote, Must Love Fashion, but at the time it was called, Wishing on Italian Stars. I had all the ingredients for a series in that first book; a small town and a close-knit family but I hadn’t intended for them to have their own books. I’m a member of the Long Island Romance Writers, and an editor was coming to one of our meetings to coach us how to pitch a series. We were told to have a pitch prepared to get feedback. That morning, I crammed like it was a test and dared to ask ‘what-if?’

So glad I did!

The Darling Cove series is tied together by the Mallory family as well as the town. If the series continues in 2019, it will go beyond the Mallory siblings, but there will always be a Mallory tie-in.

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Interviewing A.L. Sirois, Author of Jersey Ghouls

Jersey Ghouls
A.L. Sirois
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: June 15, 2018
A disabled cop and his ex battle giant centipedes and ghouls in a small riverside community that’s about to be flooded out.
The rain-drenched riverside town of Sherwood’s Landing, NJ is invaded by a species of centipede from Central America armed with psychedelic venom. Former cop Lafferty “Hoff” Hoffman and his ex-girlfriend Beatrice St. John are swept into terror as their neighbors are enslaved by a centipede-generated group mind. Those remaining free must band together to survive the onslaught of ravenous ghouls.

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Excerpt and Character Interview of Jason from The Priestesses of Levet by Victoria Lynn Osborne

The Priestesses of Levet Tour Graphic
Victoria Lynn Osborne
The Priestesses of Levet
Series: A Jason and Mortyiene Mystery # 3
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: June 15, 2018
Jason and Mortyiene investigate the deaths of several priestesses
A priestess is dead hanging in an iron maiden.
The conclave of priestesses are meeting with new instructions from the goddess Levet.
A new floor is opening and the sealed rooms are scenes of horrific crimes discovered after the room opens. Jason and Mortyiene are called to investigate. Who is killing these women? Why? Does this have anything to do with the ongoing war?
To complicate things further, the sky rangers led by general Valairia, war mistress of the Kylvar are in town to fight a rampaging dragon. There is well known animosity between the clergy and Valairia. These spats erupt into battles as the general assumes privileges not granted to her.
Don’t miss another exciting book in The Jason and Mortyiene Mysteries.

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Interview and Excerpt: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai by R.L. Baxter

Gideon and the Crimson Samurai Tour Graphic
R.L. Baxter
Gideon and the Crimson Samurai
Series: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Ricky Lee Baxter
Publication Date: December 1, 2014
A timeless tale about friendship, family and betrayal
Gideon Joust is your average twelve-year-old boy, with all the growing insecurities one would expect, following the mysterious disappearance of his father. On one fateful day, the boy’s world is turned upside down – leading to a chance encounter with a brash child warrior: Kibishi the Crimson Samurai.

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Interview: Dangerous by Tory Richards

Check out our interview of DANGEROUS by Tory Richards.

Q: What draws you to write Motorcycle Club (MC) Romance?

Well, I’ve always liked the rugged bad boy, but I didn’t realize how much I liked the filthy, gritty world of outlaw MCs until I picked up my first Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent biker books. I was instantly hooked and after reading several others decided to try my hand at writing one. I think it was the first time I realized just how far authors could go in their writing with regard to your characters and plot building. 

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Interview with Lisa Renee Jones, author of Murder Notes

Hi Lisa Renee, thanks for your time! Your latest release, MURDER NOTES, is the first book in the Lilah Love series.

What do you enjoy most about writing this book?

Creating Lilah’s character paired with the mystery. I love a mystery but when combined with Lilah’s personality I love it even more. Lilah is quick-witted, and says the things most of us think, but won’t say. She doesn’t care. She just says them. It’s freedom. I can be free while writing her and I hope the readers feel this as well!

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