#Fantasy #ParanormalRomance #FirstChapters : Hunter Betrayed by Nancy Corrigan (@Nancy_Corrigan @ellorascave)

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“The wild hunt and the Hunters, reminded me a little of Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance Series. I also believe those who enjoy Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series would enjoy this new series. The series is sexy and will most likely feature a new sibling in each new book.” ~ Mad Hatter Reads

“This was an amazing paranormal romance! It grabbed my attention right from the start and kept me captivated throughout. It has action, romance, and the steamy scenes are just wow!” ~ SBM Book Obsession

“Hunter Betrayed is a fast-paced interesting story. The ending was fantastic and definitely left me wanting to continue reading the series. Nancy Corrigan created a strong foundation for the Wild Hunt Series. This is a great novel for people whom enjoy contemporary Fae novels.” ~ Diane’s Book Blog


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Wild Hunt, Book 1

Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Chapter One

She shrugged off the unease and made her way across the lawn. The thin piece of plastic she’d shoved between the sliding glass door and the doorframe still held her escape route open. With her lip caught between her teeth, she pushed the door and squeezed inside.

Heart pounding hard, she waited. Nobody came running or shouted accusations at her.

Thank god.

She tiptoed across the room. The grandfather clock next to her chimed. She jumped, a hand over her mouth to muffle her cry.

“Harley Marie! Where have you been?”

Shit, shit, shit. She turned and came face to face with the woman who ruled the house—supermodel, actress and tyrant. Harley flashed a hopefully innocent smile. “Hey, Mom. What are you doing up?”

“Where were you?”

At the livid glare stamped on her mom’s flawless features, Harley groaned. “I went to see Ron.”

“In town?”

As if there was anywhere else to go. Harley nodded, no use denying it.

“How did you get there?”

Here it came. The fight she’d hoped to avoid. “I drove.”

Her mom’s eyes widened. “Drove? You don’t have a license.”

Because Harley hadn’t been allowed to get one.

“No.” She sighed. “I don’t, but I borrowed one of the cars and taught myself.”

Curses fell from her mom’s mouth. She threw her arms up in the air. “You disobeyed me, put that boy and yourself in danger. Why, Harley, why?”

She was so damn sick of the crazy rules only she had to follow. “Why not? I’m eighteen!” Her chest heaved. All the pent-up rage and resentment spilled over. “You keep me locked away in this prison, barely talk to me and when you do it’s to reiterate your stupid rules! I’m sick of them. I’m moving out!”

Her mom—a taller, thinner version of her—stepped closer. “Those stupid rules are the reason you’re still alive! You should thank me, you ungrateful little brat! I could’ve aborted you or given you away, but I didn’t because it wasn’t your fault you were created from that monster who raped me!”

Harley stumbled back. “R-raped you?” Here she’d thought she was an oops from one of her mom’s numerous affairs.

“Yeah, and it’s about time you learned the truth. You’re not hu—”

Breaking glass stopped her words. A hulking man stepped over the shards of the sliding door. Harley’s gaze locked onto him. He wore a black baseball cap, a t-shirt with a screaming skull on it and motorcycle boots.

The burn in her body faded and heat replaced it, not the same kind she’d experienced in Ron’s arms, but it still filled her with the same promise of ecstasy. She stared at the stranger unable to make sense of her reaction. Something about him struck her as familiar. He intrigued her and repulsed her at the same time. Heart pounding hard, she locked her knees so she wouldn’t go to him.

He wasn’t…right.

The guy faced her. Black pupils swimming in red locked onto hers. He grinned, showing off a mouthful of pointy teeth.

Fear replaced her fascination. She screamed.

Her mom yanked on her hand. “Run, Harley, run!”

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