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“This story was fast paced with lots of action and suspense; it was funny at times and also a very sexy and erotic read.  It was a compelling story from its beginning to the end; it offers readers well developed, complex characters.  This book is a passionate and emotionally engaging roller coaster ride from start to finish and one you do not want to get off of too soon!  If you love spankings and a bit of ménage and some exciting action then you will enjoy this book.” ~ Cocktails And Books On Undercover Obsession

“This is a wonderfully written and erotic story of three brothers, each one dealing with a ghost from their past.  Although this is one book, it is written in three parts, one for each brother then seamlessly blended.  Author BJ Wane did an incredible job weaving the three threads into one cohesive story.  All of the main characters as well as the secondary ones are well-written with emotional depth.  The sex scenes are hot, with the BDSM theme to them but not overly done.  Overall, this is a great book and one I would gladly recommend.” ~ The Romance Reviews On The Mcgilley Trilogy

 “It is rare to find an erotic book that actually tells an intriguing story.  I absolutely loved this book.  Yes, it had its saucy sex and spanking scenes, but it had a mystery that actually evolved into an exciting ending.  I know I’ve read a great book when I immediately go into Amazon and start looking for additional works from the author.  I can’t wait to read the next one.” ~ Amazon Reader On Pendelton Manor


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Damien LaRue has spent the better part of two hundred years trying to atone for an act he was driven to commit shortly after master vampiress, Isabelle Sartre ended his life in 1815.  Because he could never forgive himself, he planned to meet the dawn soon, never intending to claim his mate, but he hadn’t counted on Abrielle Chirac’s tenacity and her utter faith in him.

Jacob Carter has spent decades longing to find his mate, but when he finally does, it’s to rescue her from one of his own.  Grace Larsen was shocked to discover her immediate sexual response to the vampire who rescued her from a kidnapping.  Ignoring her body’s demands, she refuses to believe Jacob is any different than the vampire who tormented her.  When Jacob is critically wounded from a rogue attack, Grace is left with two choices- watch the man she has grown to care for die or use her body, the one thing she has been withholding from him, to save him.

Jon and Luc Preston always assumed when they found their mate, she would fall meekly in between them, just like they liked their women.  But they hadn’t counted on a feisty, independent redhead who would only accept them on her terms.  It takes several erotic lessons to convince Caitlin O’Brien to their way of thinking.

Discovering that their nemesis, Isabelle, is behind the attacks on their mates, Damien, Jacob, Jon and Luc must resolve the issues keeping them from completing their mating bonds if they’re going to have any hope of ending Isabelle’s existence permanently.

Chapter One

Damien LaRue slowly, somewhat reluctantly, descended the wide stairway of his antebellum home.  From the sounds of it, the mating ceremony between the latest of his brethren lucky enough to have found his mate had already begun.  It wasn’t because he begrudged his friend and comrade his happiness that he had put off making an appearance tonight, it was simply a desire to save himself the stark reminder that he would not claim his own mate or the pleasure he knew he could find with her.  Hushed voices and soft cries greeted him as he stopped at the double wide doorway that led into what used to be a grand ballroom.  The huge, ornate room with its wall of French doors, glittering chandeliers and old world elegance had once hosted cotillions and balls for the wealthy and elite of Louisiana, had held election parties for political candidates whose influence and legislation still lived on even though it has been decades since their passing.  The Civil War put an end to that era as assuredly as Isabelle had put an end to his life the way he remembered it.

Shoving aside his melancholy, he leaned against the doorway and watched the end of the mating ceremony between Beau and his mate, Emma, taking place on the small raised platform at the front of the room.  It was only at gatherings like this that the ballroom got used anymore and right now the comfortable seating groups around the dais were taken by the members of his brethren that were mated.  Having a penchant for bondage, Beau had Emma strapped down on a padded bench, her bare body glistening with oil, her nipples standing erect, her legs splayed for all to see how much Beau excited her.  Her denuded labia already sported the telltale gold loop piercing that labeled her taken and off limits to any brethren who was still unmated.  Of the fifteen of them who bore a crescent shaped, red birthmark on their right palm labeling them one of a chosen few who could survive the transformation from human to vampire without eventually going mad, there were only five who haven’t claimed that one woman who not only bore a similar mark somewhere on her body but whose mark responded to the nearness of her mate as only those destined to be together did.

Damien watched Beau step between Emma’s legs, stroke her soft flesh from her neck down over her quivering breasts then underneath her to cup her buttocks.  Lifting her, he sank his cock into her pussy in one smooth stroke, her welcoming cry getting drowned out by the congratulatory applause that erupted in the large room.

Damien joined in, smiling at his long time friend’s pleasure and good luck.  The now ten mated couples all knew first hand not only the exalted pleasure that could be found with one’s true mate, but the males finally knew the pleasure of coming into their full strength and power, enabling them to take on even more challenges against their fight against evil.  He hoped Jacob, Mason and the twins, Jon and Luc, were all lucky enough to find their mates soon, thus completing their circle.  Even though his own body had found and welcomed his mate years ago, Damien had no intention of claiming her.  Once the remaining four come into their full power, he would seek the dawn as his final atonement for his sins.  After all, if it hadn’t been for his cowardice and his lack of control, these men would not have been sought out and changed by Isabelle and the horrendous death of an innocent woman would not be on his conscience even now, almost two hundred years later.

“Damien!  Quit scowling and join us,” Luc called out from where he sat at a table with his brother, Jon, and Jacob.

Damien took a seat, smiling in actual pleasure when Beau increased his thrusts, making Emma cry out in climax.  “It’s a good match,” he said as he leaned back in his chair and tried to ignore the decidedly noticeable lack of strength in his body.  If he didn’t pay a visit to Marie soon, he would be of no help to his brethren when out on patrol.  Since their strength and power was enhanced by sex, twofold if it was with one’s mate, they fucked frequently.  He, on the other hand, tended to wait until his body was almost depleted before seeking out Marie, a longtime acquaintance who has been seeing to his needs for almost thirty years.  He knew some of his brethren liked variety before finding their mate, but ever since discovering three years ago that Abrielle was his mate, he has been reluctant to seek his pleasure with anyone except Marie, and he now sought her out only when he absolutely had to.

“If you’re happy for them, why don’t you show it?”  Jacob eyed his best friend with worry clouding his green eyes.  He noticed the signs of Damien’s depleted state, the slower movements and drawn look, and knew he was going to have to browbeat him into going to Marie again soon.  They all knew Abrielle was his mate, yet none of them knew why Damien refused to bond with her.

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#ParanormalRomance #FirstChapters : Broken Souls by Laurie Olerich (@LaurieOlerich)

Broken Souls.FINAL.COVER.1“This is my first Primani story and I really enjoyed it! … I loved the interaction between Rori and Declan and I will definitely go back and read the other books in the series.” ~ Five Star rating from Tracey (Amazon)

“Who knew the Primani series could get any better? I was captivated from the Prologue (Never saw that coming!) to the end of the last chapter (“In the space of a heartbeat, it was done.”). All of my favorite characters are back (hot, sensuous, no-nonsense Killian; “my favorite fallen angel Sean O’Cahan” in all his dangerous, sexy glory; and lovable, buff, surfer boy Dec to name a few) along with some new menu offerings that will excite, thrill, intimidate, terrify, and sooth you; all by the end of the first chapter! …Proceed with caution, a wonderful, exciting thrill ride is waiting for you just inside the pages of “Broken Souls.” ~ Five Star rating from Athalee (Amazon)

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Stalked by evil…

Psychic Rori Austin’s life is over. She just doesn’t know it yet. Plagued by recurring nightmares and terrifying fugues, she’s hanging on by a thread. When she blacks out and wakes up in 1969, she knows she’s out of control. Broke and alone in the city that never sleeps, she’s desperate to find someone who can hold back the darkness in her mind. When gorgeous Declan shows up out of nowhere, she’s thrilled until he starts asking questions she has no intention of answering.

Haunted by guilt…

Primani Declan Manning is a ruthless killer and a renowned healer. Demons fear him. Humans love him. Life is good. The last thing he needs is a human woman. After saving Rori’s life, he walks away but can’t forget the fear in her eyes. It haunts him, dredging up memories better left buried deep. Intrigued by her secrets, he uncovers the horrifying truth. She’s been marked for Hell, and her time is up.

Chapter One

A starburst exploded and then… nothing but darkness. Excited voices babbled nearby, but they drifted on the wind. Sirens warbled in the distance, the sound fuzzy and faint.

“Hey! Are you all right?” a man’s voice snapped next to her ear.

Yes, yes, I’m fine! She tried to speak, but her mouth wasn’t working. No sounds came out. This was so not good.

“Holy shit, Ramirez, you killed her!”

What? No way! I can’t be dead! She struggled to move, to show them she wasn’t dead, to sit up, something, anything, but she was frozen inside her uncooperative body. A wave of dizziness rolled in slow motion through her brain, spreading from head to toe. She was too weak to twitch. She strained to lift her hand, but vicious pain stabbed into her belly.

Why wasn’t anyone doing anything? Didn’t she moan? She could’ve sworn she’d moaned out loud. If ever there was a time to moan, this was definitely it. No one responded, so maybe she hadn’t. Darkness pressed in, her inner vision tunneling to a single spear of bright light.


Damn… I am dying. Well, this sucks. I should’ve seen this coming.

“Hang in there, darlin’. You’re going to be all right.” In contrast to the muted sounds around her, the soft words rang clear as a bell inside her head. Someone loosened the hoodie’s zipper before lifting the tiny gold cross she wore around her neck. An amused chuckle floated in her head, and the voice came again. “Nice metal. Okay, hang on to your heartbeat; I’m gonna rock your world.”

Dec studied the woman’s pale face and prepared to work a little miracle ‘cuz that’s what he did. Piece of cake. No way was he letting her die. He was in the right place at the right time and he could fix this. Looks like it was her lucky day! He laid his cheek against her breast to listen for the music of her heartbeat. When it faded to quiet, he got to work. Okay, sweetheart, time for a little preventative kissing. This is the fun part…

Carefully parting her lips, he gave her mouth-to-mouth while the ambulance screamed from blocks away. A small crowd had formed, chattering loudly, but he didn’t care. They had no idea he was using his powers to heal her. In between breaths, he ran his hands over her body, searching for injuries. Poor woman had some internal bleeding. He could hear the blood pooling in her abdomen, sloshing against the side of the visceral peritoneum. Where is it? Ah ha, here we go. Celiac artery. Not good. It was damaged enough that blood was flowing at a good clip. She’d never make it to the hospital without bleeding out. Soooo, time for that miracle. He tucked his hand inside her hoodie. With palm flat overtop of the torn artery, he got to work. After a few seconds, the ragged edges were neatly knit back together. Now back to her lovely mouth… she seemed to be breathing, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra positive.

Rori’s back arched off the ground. Her arms opened to welcome what her brain didn’t yet understand. Glorious fire warmed her from the inside out. Brilliant light flooded her mind, blocking all memories, all thought, until there was nothing but tranquility. Floating weightlessly, all substance drifting away… she was nothing and everything at last. There was no time, no place; nothing but the light pulling her higher.

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#Fantasy #ParanormalRomance #FirstChapters : Hunter Betrayed by Nancy Corrigan (@Nancy_Corrigan @ellorascave)

HunterBetrayed 450x665
“The wild hunt and the Hunters, reminded me a little of Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance Series. I also believe those who enjoy Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series would enjoy this new series. The series is sexy and will most likely feature a new sibling in each new book.” ~ Mad Hatter Reads

“This was an amazing paranormal romance! It grabbed my attention right from the start and kept me captivated throughout. It has action, romance, and the steamy scenes are just wow!” ~ SBM Book Obsession

“Hunter Betrayed is a fast-paced interesting story. The ending was fantastic and definitely left me wanting to continue reading the series. Nancy Corrigan created a strong foundation for the Wild Hunt Series. This is a great novel for people whom enjoy contemporary Fae novels.” ~ Diane’s Book Blog


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Wild Hunt, Book 1

Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Chapter One

She shrugged off the unease and made her way across the lawn. The thin piece of plastic she’d shoved between the sliding glass door and the doorframe still held her escape route open. With her lip caught between her teeth, she pushed the door and squeezed inside.

Heart pounding hard, she waited. Nobody came running or shouted accusations at her.

Thank god.

She tiptoed across the room. The grandfather clock next to her chimed. She jumped, a hand over her mouth to muffle her cry.

“Harley Marie! Where have you been?”

Shit, shit, shit. She turned and came face to face with the woman who ruled the house—supermodel, actress and tyrant. Harley flashed a hopefully innocent smile. “Hey, Mom. What are you doing up?”

“Where were you?”

At the livid glare stamped on her mom’s flawless features, Harley groaned. “I went to see Ron.”

“In town?”

As if there was anywhere else to go. Harley nodded, no use denying it.

“How did you get there?”

Here it came. The fight she’d hoped to avoid. “I drove.”

Her mom’s eyes widened. “Drove? You don’t have a license.”

Because Harley hadn’t been allowed to get one.

“No.” She sighed. “I don’t, but I borrowed one of the cars and taught myself.”

Curses fell from her mom’s mouth. She threw her arms up in the air. “You disobeyed me, put that boy and yourself in danger. Why, Harley, why?”

She was so damn sick of the crazy rules only she had to follow. “Why not? I’m eighteen!” Her chest heaved. All the pent-up rage and resentment spilled over. “You keep me locked away in this prison, barely talk to me and when you do it’s to reiterate your stupid rules! I’m sick of them. I’m moving out!”

Her mom—a taller, thinner version of her—stepped closer. “Those stupid rules are the reason you’re still alive! You should thank me, you ungrateful little brat! I could’ve aborted you or given you away, but I didn’t because it wasn’t your fault you were created from that monster who raped me!”

Harley stumbled back. “R-raped you?” Here she’d thought she was an oops from one of her mom’s numerous affairs.

“Yeah, and it’s about time you learned the truth. You’re not hu—”

Breaking glass stopped her words. A hulking man stepped over the shards of the sliding door. Harley’s gaze locked onto him. He wore a black baseball cap, a t-shirt with a screaming skull on it and motorcycle boots.

The burn in her body faded and heat replaced it, not the same kind she’d experienced in Ron’s arms, but it still filled her with the same promise of ecstasy. She stared at the stranger unable to make sense of her reaction. Something about him struck her as familiar. He intrigued her and repulsed her at the same time. Heart pounding hard, she locked her knees so she wouldn’t go to him.

He wasn’t…right.

The guy faced her. Black pupils swimming in red locked onto hers. He grinned, showing off a mouthful of pointy teeth.

Fear replaced her fascination. She screamed.

Her mom yanked on her hand. “Run, Harley, run!”

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